Hi, I’m Marie, a Jiriki and VinYasa Flow Yoga teacher.

Despite being born in a yoga Ashram in Japan from yoga teacher parents, I haven’t always been myself a teacher, but actually have started my career as a Performance Costume Designer. During my early 20s I was entangled in the fast-paced city life, working as a designer and director of Performing Arts in New York City and London. To cope with it all I reconnected with my childhood upbringing and started practicing regularly Yoga and Jiriki. Excited about the benefits that both disciplines were bringing me, I started to share them with friends and colleagues, and soon I realised that my life mission was to continue my father’s work and to share the practice of Jiriki worldwide.

After completing a RYS 250hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training at Stretch London, I’ve deepened my knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, pranayama and meditation and have since applied these components into my Jiriki teaching. T

he main objective of my Jiriki classes is too guide students to reconnect to their bodies and to scan it to discover potential discomforts, imbalances, misalignments and tensions. By raising awareness on the powerful connection that ties together body and mind, students are invited to tap into the body’s innate ability to heal independently if properly tended to.

Today, Marie continues to develop the Jiriki method alongside her father, and has become an ambassador for Jiriki outside Japan.

Find out more about my future travels on the Workshops and Retreats pages.