What is Jiriki? 

Jiriki is a movement therapy, which  is a form of Japanese self-healing bodywork - a restorative, relaxing and healing practice, which helps to realign your body created by Yu Yagami who was a acupuncturist, chiropractor, and a yoga teacher in 1978.

Jiriki is the Japanese Buddhist term for self-power, the ability to achieve liberation or enlightenment. This self-administered body movement combines various elements of shiatsu massage, chiropractic treatment, yoga and meditation. 

Jiriki’s aspiration is to teach how to cure most chronic disorder and pain by practitioners’ own efforts, and to even prevent pain from appearing by applying Jiriki. Additionally, Jiriki is not only for younger, more flexible people, but also for anybody else - from the elderly  to children and even expectant mothers. 

Jiriki is a self-administered massage that uses energetic meridians and acupressure points, which are pathways of Chi and the life force. It is a unique approach to release muscle tensions and correct misalignments. Jiriki supports Chi to circulate around the body: this helps to build natural healing power, to increase resistance to disease, to flush out toxins, to increase flexibility, to open up the joints, and to release numbness and relax tension.

In this way Jiriki is a holistic approach in its effect on the mind, body and well-being.